Enterprises and services providers:

Getting started

Company registration and initial set up

Our experts in different business scope will assist you in the very beginning with documents preparation, getting licensed and representation to the authorities. Will be our pleasure assisting in the definition of business plan and company structure.


Vision, mediuum and long-term sustainability

Finding the appropriate technical solution is always the easiest part of the equation. Our team will help you to define the business strategy of your company and to develop your product in services that to be well positioned in the competitive market.

Operations support

Moving forward in an efficient way

Our experience will work for you to find together the best way for running the operations in your company. Delivery the best quality is always our guideline and we could help its achievement in the most efficient way. We believe this is always welcome.


Consolidation, synergy and integration

Having a wide market view, we can assist in preparing and execution of different sinergy and integration strategies leaded by quality and efficiency guidelines. Our expertise will be helpful in the due diligence steps as well in business and teams consolidation.


Development and acquisition of tallents

We believe, the employees are the main asset of every company. Appointing the right candidate is the key for solving any task. We could assist the process of recruitment and hiring the best candidantes and develop the appropriate trainings and carrier paths.

Featured services:

Assistance in new company start-up

Business plans and company strategy development

Business and technical operations

Merger & Acquisitions

Talents acquisition and development

Registration, LIR management, IT support

Medium and long-term planning

Quality and efficiency in the field

Synergy, consolidation and integration of product, network, services and teams

Trainings and carrier path development