Specific assistance for your home and office:

The best offer

Get the best value for your money

Our team will collect for you the best offers for telecommunication services and solutions. Toghether with your experts we will decide which offer fits best to your bussiness. In a competitive telecom market, it is a nonsense to pay more than your actual use.

Office equipment

Computers, printers, telecom devices

The perfect workplace always has a positive impact over motivation and productivity. It could be a standalone office or a mobile in depend of functions of the employee. We will design, equip and support both kind of workplaces for you.

NET and IT

Keep your SOHO and home network always on

Do you want your local network to be always available? Our experts will find and deploy the best solution for your office and/or home. Off site or on site on-line 24/7 we will take care your business to be always connected and to keep your network alive.

ICT assistance

You and your Business in the Internet

Your WEB page and Facebook side are your face in the Internet. We could assist in process of WEB domain registration, WEB site development and support, managing you e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn and other on-line social networking actions.

Soft skills

Use our knodwledge and skills base

You are looking for a new job or are going to represent your business? Our professional assistance will help you in get a professional CV and presentation of your business. You will get prepared for an interview or executive meetings.

Featured services:

Get the best value for your money

Standalone and remote workplace design and support

Home and office LAN

ICT and on-line representation and support

The Presentation of You and your Business

Assistance with Telecom, TV, multimedia and Internet providers

Selection of computers, laptops, printers, telecom equipment

24/7 remote and on-site local network support

Domain registration, launching a WEB site, on-line social-networking assistance

Preparation of documents and training for interviews and business presentations